Records Phone Or Room Surveillance


  • Records 44 hours Digitally

  • Out Power : MAx 80mW (speaker 8ohm) / Max 5mW (earphone 16ohm)

  • Frequency Response : 20Hz~20KHz(MP3) / 300Hz~4KHz

  • Power source : AAA*2EA 16hours operation / DC input jack 3Volts 200mA

  • FM Radio

  • Memory Capacity : 128M

  • Pc interface : System CPU 200MHz more than, Ram 64M more than, 20MB of free space

  • Size: 99.8 x 31 x 14.1 (mm)

  • OS : Windows 98,Me,2000,XP

Comes With PC Software (Below)

At It's Best! Small size, amazing recording quality and external AC adaptor for unlimited recording power. Kit comes with everything you need. This product is great for school, business meetings, lectures, to-do lists, etc....
  • Records for 44 Hours
  • USB 1.1 interface with 128mg of memory. Versatile of repeat play function (A-B, one, all, random)
  • ARS-2 Mode automatic recording system:
    Mode A: It keeps recording messages at one index file without stopping when there is sound
    Mode B: It records when there is sound. But after stop for 3 seconds without sound. the file index number rises up automatically when restarts next recording
  • Real time stop: this function remains the stop point in its memory and allows you to listen from the point where you stopped last time 396 Messages with 4 separate files(99 messages in each file)
  • Alarm clock & timer recording function can be set with message or sound and play automatically at the requested time to alert you to some action and give the information can receive and record broadcast, sound/conversation automatically daily, weekly and monthly
  • Auto power-off: turns off automatically when stops using it for 1min
  • Scan search: easy searching for desired messages
  • Monitoring function: enables to monitor the messages by earphone during the recording

    Package Includes
    • Two AAA batteries
    • AC Adapter
    • USB Cable and Software For PC Download and CD Creation
    • Telephone Recorder Adapter
    • Spare Telephone Cable
    • Earphone For Discreet Listening
    • External Microphone
    • Built In Microphone
    • Carrying Strap
    • 90 Day Warranty
    Item No. PR-044-D-FM (With FM Radio) $228.99each
    Item No. PR-044-D (Without FM Radio) $193.75
    Diasonic© DDR-3000
    Digital Voice Recorder

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