Digital Phone Recorder
 Records Phone Or Room Surveillance

Completely digital, this great little spy tool records both normal room conversations and telephone conversations. With the The DPR-10 You chose which mode to use.  Records up to 10 hours with no tape to flip. Only 4”x1”x1/2”


The Duel Mode System Is A Digital Phone & Room Recorder In One
Truly unique, this high quality miniature recorder,  records both normal room conversations and telephone conversations. You chose which mode to use.  
Digital Phone Recorder

In the telephone mode it's voice/voltage activated. It records only when the telephone is picked up. It records both sides of the conversation and all extensions on line. 

Digital Room Recorder

When using the room (conversation) mode it only records when someone speaks. Leaving the playback with no silence in between.  This device will record sounds with amazing clarity and incredible sensitivity. When it's  adjusted, it hears what the human ear can not hear.
It's features include: ext. sockets, voice activated operation, digital volume control, user is able to listen and record at the same time and much more. This recorder is truly the ultimate in spy recording equipment.

 A Digital Phone Recorder & Room Recorder In One

  • Digital
  • Telephone adapter
  • Earphone  for private listening
  • Incredibly sensitive microphone 
  • Compact size 4”x1”x1/2”
  • Telephone-controller included
  • Records 10 Hours

Diasonic© Voice Bank Digital DPR-10
Digital Phone Recorder

Item No. DPR-10
Our Price $178.99each


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