Cellular Phone Recorder

cell phone recorderHands free recording on the go. If you can not remember every detail of that long winded message, the micro Cell Phone Recorder will do it for you.. Ideal for the person on the move, this device is the perfect companion for today's fast paced mobile world. With the push of a button, you can record both sides of your cell phone conversation as well as messages retrieved from answering machines or voice mail. In addition, the unit can be used as a standard micro-cassette recorder useful for keeping precise records of meetings, interviews, or even dictation. The Micro Cellular Recorder's earpiece works independently, allowing hands free, convenient cell phone conversations anytime, anywhere. 5" X 2 1.4" X 1"

Connects with 2.5mm headset jack that will plug into a Motorola phone or one with that type of connection. It also connects with  Nokia models. 3360/3390/8260/8290/8810/8860

The Cell Phone Recorder can also be used
as a standard voice activated micro-cassette recorder

$ 59.99


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