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Personal Self Defense

We carry many types of stun guns. Our FL-LG is perfect to keep in the glove box of you automobile. The  FL-LG is a great personal self defense device that can instantly stop an attacker cold with just a one second shock, causing a dazed mental state. A 3 second shock will leave your attacker feeling as if he just got hit by a truck. He will then become fully immobilized for at least 10 minutes. Extremely effective in allowing sufficient time for a person to escape. It pays for itself in peace of mind alone.

The FL-LG can also be used for protection against wild dogs making it the perfect for all around personal self defense.


Stun Master Stun Gun 300V 

Stun Master Stun Gun 300V 

ABS plastic and a high technology polymer coating..
9 million volts of power.
Rechargeable and comes with a recharging cord.
Safety wrist strap and an on/off safety switch
Rubberized coating to help secure a firm grip.
Free nylon holster can easy attach to a belt.
7 x 1 size

Pro Rated For Law Enforcement Model
Heavy duty, strong beamed flashlight w/stun gun.
150 db alarm and and 10 Million volts stun baton.
Attachable red cone for signaling or danger warning.
Body is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic.
For High Power it and rechargeable.
Length 15.5", flashlight 2.75", handle 1.5"
Also comes with a shoulder strap

Great Personal Self Defense