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Self Defence Spray
Pepper Pager
Contains Two Spray Canisters For A Distinct Tactical Advantage

Pepper Spray Pager clips to clothes or purse for easy access. This device emits 10-12 one-second bursts of crippling spray, effectively disabling multiple attackers while you escape to safety. Molded with easy grip edges, pager can be accurately fired from up to 12 feet away, and contains dual canisters of 15% pepper spray

Pepper Spray Disguised as a Pager

Pager Pepper Spary in use

Pepper Spray Pager Features:

  • Contains enough pepper spray for 10-12 one second burst.

  • An attacker will can be taken down with a single one-second spray.

  • Pager device holds 2 pepper spray canisters of 15% OC

  • Disguised pepper spray item can be put in plain view.

  • Easily clips to a belt of purse for quick access personal security.

  • Side grips help you properly hold and aim the product at an attacker.

  • Made in the United States.

A Double Blast Of Self Defense Spray
It Contains Two Spray Canisters That Can Be Fired At The Same Time

Pepper Spray Disguised as a Pager 
15% OC Pepper Strength

Item # PP
Personal Arms Price



No Overnight and Second Day Air Delivery
Because of airline regulations pepper spray can not be shipped aboard an aircraft