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 Discount Pepper Spray
3 in 1 Pepper Shot
Our TRI-Pack is our best deal.
Purchase our three
most popular selling units for only $18.95.
Purchase each pepper spray individually and you would pay $32.85


Pepper Shot Pepper Spray



Tri-Pack Discount Pepper Spray from Pepper Shot


►PS-5 2oz
            ►PS-4 Visor Clip
            ►PS-2 Key Chain Defense Spray w/ Quick
               Release Keyring

There are no synthetics used in our pepper spray so you can be assured that you are receiving the highest quality Discount Pepper Spray available.

Sorry, no Pepper Spray Orders to New York or Massachusetts

Item PS-6
Your Price  $18.95 Ea.


No Overnight and Second Day Air Delivery
Because of airline regulations pepper spray can not be shipped aboard an aircraft