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Discount Paintball Gun

The Splatmatic XJ40 is is one of the best buys around, so why purchase a used paintball gun.

Splatamatic XJ40

The Splatamatic XJ40 40 caliber semi-automatic is the newest pistol on the market for shooting .40 caliber paintballs and it is on sale. For less than you would pay for a used gun you can purchase the Splatamatic XJ40 40 caliber semi-automatic discount paintball gun. Older models shot about 20 paintballs per one C02, this kickass pistol  shoots a minimum of 100 paintballs per C02.

40 Caliber
Paintball Gun Sale
Only $49.99


 The XJ40 has features for hard-core paintball enthusiasts or young adults. 

  • Semi auto paintball pistol

  • Quick Release CO2 Mechanism

  • External Velocity Adjustment

  • Safety Trigger Lock

  • Hardened Aluminum Barrel

  • Comes with 200 Round Hopper

  • Barrel Plug

  • Your Operation and Safety Manual

  • Quick release for fast CO2  cartridge replacement

  • Fires well over 100 paintballs with 1- C02 cartridge

This paintball pistol  is easy to handle, shoots over 100 paintballs with one cartridge, 250 count hopper. 

Discount Paintball Gun
Suggested Retail Price $79.95
Our Price $51.99
Item XJ40

Paintballs 100 pack
Price $5.99

Paintballs 250 pack
Price $10.99

1000 40-Caliber Paintballs

.40 Caliber, water Soluble, non-toxic package of Yellow, Pink, Green, and Orange balls.
With faster velocity, greater accuracy, and superior shooting range

Order 1000 40-caliber paintballs


Paintball Sale  $25.99