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Throwing Stars
Ninja Throwing Stars
Set of 4  2.5 inch Mini Ninja Throwing Stars (professionally edged) with carrying case.

Traditional martial arts weapons,
our Ninja Throwing Stars are high quality and made of 440 stainless steel. Some other versions of Ninja Stars are made of cheap pot metal. They will work fine on a target such as cardboard, they will eventually break if used on wooden targets.
 Order Mini Edged
Throwing Stars
Only 14.95
4 stars w/carrying case



High Impact
Ninja Throwing Stars

Small Ninja
Throwing Stars

2.5 inches
$10.99 12/pack


Medium Ninja
Throwing  Stars

 3.25 inches
$9.99 12/pack

Large Ninja
Throwing Stars 

4 inches
$15.99 12/pack
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