Video Surveillance System

A Wireless Security Camera & Motion Detection System In One
It only records ONLY when motion is detected so the tape lasts a long time

The Complete Video System

This Nanny Cam Is The Perfect Solution For
Abusive Baby Sitters, Child Abusers, Employee Theft, Shoplifting,  Adultery, Corporate Espionage,  Childcare, Conspiracy and More....

A MDV-1 Professional  Video Surveillance System

High Powered  Camera /w  Sensor Transmitter

900 MHz Receiver


Works Right Out of the Box
This foolproof system comes complete with everything you need to FIGHT BACK!

The MDV-S1 is a complete wireless video surveillance system. When motion is detected, the  900 MHz Wireless Motion Detector, Video Camera triggers the VCR, which has custom motion detection circuitry. The VCR begins recording. Since it only records when motion is detected, the tape lasts a long time. The MDV-1 Video Surveillance System is wireless and fool proof, easy plug and play hook makes for a Hassle-Free Set Up. Choose either black & white or color.

Complete Kit No Add-One Hassle-Free Set Up
Item #
Professional Video Surveillance System

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