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Hot Walkers

2-1 Pound Hand-Held Walking Weights
 With A Hidden Charge Of Canister Pepper Spray


Now while jogging or walking you can get a great workout while protecting yourself. 
Safe, effective canister pepper spray protection against human and canine attack.

Pepper Spray For Joggers

  • Works with human or canine attackers

  • Elastic hand straps for support.

  • Storage compartment for keys and money.

  • Foam-covered hand grips for comfort.

  • Two 1-pound weights.

  • Cleans with soap and water.

  • Replaceable Pepper Spray Canister.

  • Comes with a FREE Replacement Canister

  • Incapacitates instantly - up to 15 foot range

  • The Pepper Spray For Joggers

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Mace Hot Walkers
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