Tear Gas

If you have the misfortune of getting sprayed with Tear Gas and do not have a commercial neutralizer available you can use the next best thing. Flush the affected area of the body with a solution made up from water mixed with 5% baking soda or just water if the soda is unavailable. If possible stand upwind of where the Tear Gas was sprayed and expose the affected part of your body to the wind. This will help disperse the gas quickly. Do not touch the Tear Gas as you will spread the chemical around and rub it into your pores.
 Small amounts should only affect you for a few minutes. As soon as possible take a cold shower for at least 5 minutes. Do not use hot water at first because it opens the pores and allows the Tear Gas to adsorb into your skin. After 5 minutes you can then proceed with normal showering using warm water. Do not take a bath. Showers will flush the Tear Gas away while a bath will just re-distribute it.
After the action you should hang your clothes up in a well ventilated area to disperse the last remnants of the Tear Gas. When they have hung for a day or so wash them twice- first in cold and then in hot water-and they'll be okay to wear again. CS Gas is fat soluble so never coat your skin in petroleum jelly or similar substances for protection as some people have tried. When sprayed with Tear Gas do not treat the area with any cream, jelly or ointment, unless advised to by someone who knows what they are talking about. The best treatments are air, cold water and time.