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Pepper Spray Fogger

  Pepper Spray Fogger
 Mace Triple Action 120 Gram

Combines OC Pepper Spray with CN Tear Gas along with a UV Marking Dye. Because of the full cone fogger, police strength spray and CN Gas only a small amount is required to incapacitate an attacker. The Pepper Spray Fogger eliminates the need for pinpoint accuracy and is effective on multiple attackers.

 4.215 Ounces

The Mace Fogger will not deteriorate with age if in storage, and it does not cause any after-effects.  And since it is an inflammatory agent, it doesn't work like the irritant chemicals of tear gas or mace, and isn't vaporous or will not give off a lot of fumes like other tear gases.  
  • Features flip-top safety cap. 

  • Full cone fogger

  • 120 gram,  sprays up to 8 ft.

  • 38 one second bursts.

Pepper Spray Fogger High Powered Model - Our Largest Pepper Spray Unit

Mace Triple Action 120 gram
Item #80196
$21.95 ea