CN Gas
Tear Gas (Alphachloroacetaphenone)

Mace Brand has combined pepper spray,  CN Gas and a UV Marking Dye making for a powerful combination. The combination is called Mace Triple Action

Alphachloroacetaphenone is also know as CN or tear gas has been around for a while. Its was widely used in the past before pepper spray became popular with law enforcement. CN Gas is an  irritant to membrane tissues. It causes stinging pain and tearing, but takes from 5 to 30 seconds to become effective. It causes profound tearing, but because it's delay in becoming effective, it is only useful when used in a mixture with pepper spray. The mixture of pepper spray and Alphachloroacetaphenone Gas  then becomes a powerful combination.

As one police trainer has put it, "It's like being hit with a flame thrower!" An assailant who's sprayed with OC Gas (pepper spray) stops what they're doing, stops what they're thinking - period. The Mace OC Gas and CN Gas mixture also works extremely well on animals. Why? CN is an irritant to membrane tissues and causes stinging pain and profound tearing. OC Gas (pepper spray) is not an irritant is an inflammatory agent; and this makes all the difference in the world.

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