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Information on TASER self defense

Situations of imminent danger and violence could happen at any moment. When it does, you should be ready to counter with effective stopping power. How do you get that stopping power? There are many options. This article provides information on using a TASER for self defense.

Information on TASER International

For years, this company has been selling personal safety products to stop assailants, and these products have been used by the police force effectively as a non-lethal, non-dangerous way to put an attacker down. And now it’s a viable option for your personal safety, too.

Information on TASER use for defending yourself

Choosing a TASER as a weapon of self defense is a good choice. A TASER uses air cartridges to shoot two cables at an assailant. These cables fire between 15 and 21 feet, stopping an attack without putting yourself in danger of close-contact weapons like a knife or a club. When the cables reach their mark, they deliver a current that causes a disconnect between your attacker's brain and nervous system: because of the TASER, their brain cannot send information to their muscles. It is both effective and non-lethal. Also, your aim doesn’t have to be perfect, either, to stop your assailant in their tracks. But the most important piece of information is this: it provides the stopping power needed to end an attack and leave the area immediately.

Information on TASER use and the law

You have the right to defend yourself, but you're also smart enough to know that serious permanent injury to your attacker or a bystander could mean trouble for yourself down the road. One of the best options out there for total peace of mind when it comes to personal safety is a gun from TASER International. But not all states allow them to be carried and used, or else they limit where they can be carried (for example, not on airplanes or in government buildings). Before ordering one, check with local authorities for legal information. Don’t exchange the risk of personal safety for the risk of going to jail!

Above all else you need to be safe! Creating a personal defense plan for yourself and your loved ones is the first step, and that includes getting the right information before you buy a TASER. Planning and information on TASER use are your first line of defense on the personal safety front.