Electronic Dog Barking Alarm
  • Plugs into any standard electrical outlet.
  • Reliable 24 hour protection.
  • Volume control.
  • The closer an intruder gets the louder and more frequent the barking.
  • Perfect for all public and private buildings.
  • Switches from watchdog mode to alarm or chime
  • Radar activated alarm/alert system.


  • No installation required
  • Protection with none of the problems of owning a real dog
  • Very realistic - barking gets louder and more frequent as intruder gets closer
  • Switches from the watchdog to the tranquil sounds of nature with the simple switch of a button
  • Variable distance sensitivity (up to 20 feet) as well as volume control
  • Senses movement through walls, doors and glass to alert you of a visitor's arrival
  • Maintenance free
  • Scares away Rabbits as per Readers Digest Sept, 2004


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