Hidden Cameras
That Works Right Out of the Box For Your Home Or Business 

The Desk Lamp Hidden Video Camera
Really lights up, But don't be fooled. It is really professional surveillance system.
PH200-DL $119.95 each
  hidden camera kit Pinhole 
Hidden Camera Kit

Item# CB-31
$ 84.99 each
Video motion detection system The VCR Plus
Hidden Camera

An undetectable hidden camera is inside this VCR
Nothing else to buy.
$443.99 each

Smoke Detector Camera
Wall Clock Camera

Item # ST-122
Wireless Motion Detector  Camera 
motion detector wired camera Wireless
Clock Radio 
(actually works)
The World's Smallest 
Wireless Video Camera

Superior clarity and it's range is up to 5 times that of comparable unites, three times it's size. (1" X 1/2" small
A Complete Video Surveillance System
 Includes A Wireless Security Camera & Motion Detection System In One
900MHz Receiver ST-102 900MHz Receiver
Receives wireless video from any of our 900MHz cameras/transmitters.
Also available in optional modified version.
Regular 900MHz $1125.99
Modified 900MHz  $1
cybereye digital camera Spy Camera
The Cyber Eye II is the ultimate digital spy camera.
Catch Vandals in the Act
VISEC Internet Camera
and Surveillance System
View from any location in the world via the Internet.
Internet Camera
Surveillance System