Hidden Safes

We have many hidden safes that are  designed to have the look and feel of a household cleaner, food or beverage container, garden pot, stone, book, candle, or a number of other items. They have hidden tops or bottoms that completely fool would-be crooks. Only you will know which can bleach, hairspray, peanut butter, or beer, for example, holds your hard-earned cash and documents. Even if a burglar suspected that you had a hidden safe he won’t have time to search your entire residence.

The advantage of a hidden safe is that they can be placed conveniently on a shelf in the pantry and look just like any other food item - right down to the weight. You can access your cash and jewelry easily, while a burglar will be thwarted from getting the goods. Burglars don't like to spend a lot of time in your house. They don't have time to do much searching so it makes sense to safeguard your valuables by hiding them in plain site with a hidden safe.


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