Free Pepper Spray 
We would like to know how you found out about us.



If you would like to receive a *Free PS-2 Keychain Pepper Spray with your order its simple. After you fill out the order form, just tell us how you found out about us. Enter the name and or address of the search engine or website that you used to locate us. Enter it in the [COMMENTS] box located on the order form page. That's all you have to do to receive a Free Keychain Pepper Spray.

Self Defense Keychain

If you were on a search engine just enter the name of the search engine say "".  If you on and clicked on a clicked on our link, enter "" Its that simple to receive  a free *keychain  pepper spray with your order.

   * One Per ($20 Minimum) Order.

* This offer Is Only Available At The Time Of Purchase.

Your order is packaged and sealed by our computerized system within minutes after it is received. For this reason this offer can not be added to your order at a latter time.