Self Defense For Women
 When it comes to self defense for women, personal protection is no time to compromise. There are a variety of highly effective products on the market that can offer peace of mind when used in the proper circumstance. Products that offer safety and self defense for women are valuable and well worth the cost, which can be surprisingly inexpensive.

Items such as pepper spray and extendable batons can be carried for self defense. For women who don’t want to fumble with a spray can, or feel uneasy about possible aerosol splashback, you should consider carrying a Kubotan — one of the most popular personal defense weapons on the market. What looks like a nondescript 5 ˝” key ring, is actually a weapon that intensifies the destructive power of any blow. You can literally jam a Kubotan into any part of the attacker’s anatomy from hard bone and soft flesh, delivering a painful counterattack. Likewise, a thrust to the abdomen can do serious damage to the kidneys, ribs, or sternum causing your assailant to release his grip immediately. Kubotans, as well as other personal protection products, are available on this site.