Pepper Spray Training

Basic Pepper Spray Training
Everyone should carry a defense spray wherever they go, preferable mace pepper foam. If that sounds a bit drastic Just look at today's newspaper or watch your nightly news tonight. Unless you can predict the future you should have some form of defensive protection with you at all times.  OC defense spray preferably mace pepper foam, is one of the best protection devices available.

Some people feel they only need a defense spray when going out at night. That could be a terrible mistake! Today's criminals, creeps, and crazies don't care whether it's day or night. No matter who you are, where are, what you're doing, or when you're doing it; you're a target! You might ask if that sort of thinking is really being paranoid. The answer is no! Paranoia is an illogical fear not based in fact.
Unfortunately, the facts regarding personal assaults are in front of us every day. A violent assault occurs every 17 seconds in this country. Carrying a personal defense spray at all times is simply good common sense! Make sure you have it whenever you leave your home. It's for your own personal protection
Carrying Your Defense Sprays
The type and size of defense spray you should carry was previously covered. ASI recommends carrying a size that is practical for you. Most 2 ounce sprays are about 4" long and 1" in diameter: small enough to clip onto a purse or a belt. Again I prefer mace pepper foam. 
Self Defense Keychains
If you find this size inconvenient or impractical, carry a keychain spray. The biggest advantage of the pepper spray keychain spray is that you're not likely to forget it.

Unless you have no other choice, do not carry a defense spray in your pocket! Too often the spray cannot be produced quickly enough to do any good. Remember, most physical assaults occur very quickly; often giving the victim a second or two at most to react. 

Carry Your Defense Spray In Your Purse
Unlike the keychain spray unit, larger units can be carried in different ways in different places. For women the obvious place is a purse, if they carry one. What is not so obvious is how to carry it in the purse. Don't just let the spray lay in the bottom of your purse. The time it takes to find and retrieve it can be all the time an assailant needs to overpower you or even steal your purse! Defense sprays carried in a purse should be clipped to the front end of an inside pocket, flap, or divider. Clip it on so the unit itself is inside the purse, easy to get to quickly, and can be pulled out and used in a few seconds. Arrange it so your hand can find it easily or even hold it as your walking. A purse with a long strap slung over the shoulder is ideal and an assailant just might hesitate if he sees your hand inside your purse as you're walking home.