As a Driveway Alarm

The Voice Alert is wireless this alarm can be installed anywhere easily and quickly.  Whether you need it for home or business, indoor or outdoor. This feature makes it a great Wireless Driveway Alarm.

Your home is your sanctuary, and knowing when someone is approaching is a vital step towards keeping you and your loved ones safe. So whether you live out in the country, in the city you will be alerted when intruders approach you home.

Place a reliable battery powered wireless sensor where you need to detect people or vehicles. Then place the receiver in your home or office to alert you when you have visitors day or night

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Wireless Driveway Alarm
It installs in seconds and no tools or wires are needed. When someone approaches, it sends a signal to alert you over a 400 foot range. This wireless driveway alarm system employs advanced infrared motion detection technology.

Use it anywhere in your home to monitor the mailbox, front door, garage or driveway. You'll never be surprised again!

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