Choose Voice Alert For Your
Wireless Home Alarm

Our security and personal protection products are very popular, and we are especially pleased with our wireless home alarm. This simple to use unit will alert you if a car comes up the drive, or if someone passes by one of the sensors posted out in the yard or around the exterior of the house. The signal can be transmitted from as far away as 300 feet through walls and up to 1000 feet in open space, and you’ll be alert with a vocal warning. A wireless home alarm also has applications for business owners, too, when they want to work in the back of the store and be alerted to customers entering the front.


The Voice Alert System 6 Wireless Home Alarm (product ID: VA6000S) is capable of monitoring multiple zones and features a voice-recordable alert status that you pre-record. Easy to install and mount the sensors, just plug in the base unit, and begin recording your voice messages to identify each zone you’ve selected. For example, place a transmitter near your back gate and the recording for the station could be, "There's someone is in the backyard." There’s no annoying buzz or tone, you can record any message you like in your own words and be notified you when any activity trips the wireless home alarm system.