Guard Any Entry With a
Wireless Door Alarm


Products that offer safety and peace of mind for homeowners and apartment dwellers are valuable and well worth the cost, and can be surprisingly inexpensive. A wireless door alarm is simple to install: The base of the alarm is bolted to the frame, and the small actuator is connected directly to the window or door. A 110-decibel siren is set off anytime the door or window is opened and the link between the box and the magnetic contact is broken. The wireless door alarm alerts you ó and frightens off the intruder.


This magnetic unit is compact, attractive, and very inexpensive. A wireless door alarm is perfect for any entrance or window, particularly those hard to protect sliding glass patio doors. Itís easy to switch it on and off, the alarm is battery operated (1 year life) and features a siren that, when activated, will sound for several seconds, long enough for the burglar to be scared away. The wireless door alarm kit comes with 3 lithium button cell batteries already included.


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