Wireless Burglar Alarm
Installing a  is 1-2-3 Easy


The primary reason to install alarms is to protect your property and increase the safety of your loved ones. A wireless burglar alarm can provide a warning that someone is making entry into your home or business. These are very inexpensive alternatives to costly security systems, and all of the items we sell are very simple to install and use. A wireless burglar alarm has not only become less expensive in recent years, but several models have become high tech and are quite portable.


When people think of a wireless burglar alarm, they generally think of two basic types: the automated security systems that are installed on homes and businesses to protect against intruders; and the door alarm units that use a buzzer, beep, or blasting siren to notify the occupant that someone has entered the premises. Our System 6 Voice Alert is a ready-to-install wireless burglar alarm that records in your own voice and can monitor multiple locations at once. Keeping your family safe has never been easier when you install a wireless burglar alarm.


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