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Where to Buy Pepper Spray


Getting subdued with mace will put any criminal down — making him helpless, and leave him struggling and totally impaired for up to a half hour or more. If you’re looking at where to buy pepper spray online, look no further. We carry a variety of sizes and styles to fit your budget and needs, and all of our products are guaranteed to follow legal requirements of carrying no more then 15% of OC concentrate, which equals to 2 million Scoville Heat Units. This active ingredient will put your attacker down and give you the time you need to escape.


At Personal Arms, we have sold thousands of personal protection products and believe we are the best place on the internet where you go to buy pepper spray. We’ve sold to business people, soccer moms, college students, travelers, delivery people, government agencies, and just about any one wanting that extra measure of protection. We offer first rate customer service and have been selling online since 1998. We’ll be here for you, if you ever wonder where to buy more pepper spray.