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Manufactured with high impact reinforced plastic. All our Stun Guns use advanced technology, building long and reliable working life into all our self protection products. Built with heavy duty dual coils that offer extra high amperage, for immediate take downs in demanding conditions.

Multi function stun gun

Stun Master
Multi-Function Stun Gun

9.5 Million Volts

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Now you can own the most effective non-lethal weapon available on the market, carried by law enforcement, and at an incredibly reasonable price. The best stun gun is designed to work anywhere on the body. If you’ve ever experienced the terror of being targeted by an attacker or threatened by a vicious dog, you understand the frustration of wanting a proven way to defend yourself, without having to become a black belt judo expert. With a Stun Gun device, you only need to touch an attacker for three to five seconds, and the voltage shock will immobilize them for several minutes. We sell accessories too, such as holsters and batteries, which are available for separate purchase (some models include the holster with purchase).


Cell Phone Stun Gun
The Pretender

4.5 Million Volts

The "Bull" 975,000 Volts