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TASER International is keeping you safe

For years TASER International has been providing personal safety for the owners of its products. In fact, TASER International is the name in security devices to stop assailants, and have been used by the police force effectively.

Can a weapon from TASER International work for me?

You'll be surprised at how well it can work for you! If it is legal to use in your state or region, you'll want to consider integrating it into your personal safety plan. It's effectiveness in stopping attackers cold is unparalleled, and it's said to be more effective than a handgun!

How does a gun from TASER International work?

A gun from TASER International looks some what like a real handgun but it uses air cartridges to shoot two cables at an attacker. These cables can fire between 15 and 21 feet, allowing an attack to stop without requiring you to be too close to your attacker. When the cables reach their mark, they deliver a current that causes a disconnect between your assailant's brain and nervous system. It is effective non-lethal stopping power. It will put an attacker down long enough for you to leave the area immediately.

Some other advantages of the personal safety devices from TASER International is that even if your aim is not perfect, a substantial shock is still delivered if only one cable reaches the attacker. As well, it is much safer for innocent bystanders than to have bullets flying through the air

Consider one as part of your defense plan

You have the right to defend yourself, but you're also smart enough to know that serious permanent injury to your attacker or a bystander could mean trouble for you down the road. One of the best options out there for total peace of mind when it comes to personal safety is a gun from TASER International.

M-18 TASER®   -  Air TASER Cartridges  -  TASER Holsters - TASER Demonstration Videos