Assess Your Security Alarm Needs


If you're looking for a few inexpensive ways to make your home less attractive to break-ins, you have plenty of options.  Take a a look at a door knob alarm that can be hung on any door and will be activated and sound when the knob is touched or jarred. It can also act as a door chime. This type of security alarm is perfect for small apartments or dorm rooms when you donít want to spend a lot of money on a permanent system.


Large and Small Security Alarm Components

However, if you do need a large security alarm system for your home, this is an area where you shouldn't skimp. Deadbolts and locked windows are a start, and next you can invest in small-battery-operated wedge alarms that sound 125 decibels when a door opens against it. Other options are electronic barking dog alarms, sliding window alarms, and infrared motion sensors that detect body heat. Check out any one of these security alarm systems and see how itís possible to scare away intruders ó inexpensively.


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