Robo Dog: Vicious home protection without the dirty floors.

Robo Dog is not some animal found in a science fiction film. It is a very real solution to keep intruders away. That beauty of it is that it sounds and acts like a real dog but doesn't have to be fed and watered!

Is Robo Dog an animal?

No, it is not an animal. Robo Dog is a motion sensing device that creates a barking sound like a vicious guard dog. Whenever someone enters the motion sensor’s field of vision, it sets off the barking sound and can even turn on lights shortly after, as if the angry pet awoke the homeowner.

Why would I need Robo Dog?

Electronic Watch DogRobo Dog is an excellent way to make your house appear to be well guarded even while you’re away. Even if you’re home, it still gives you the peace of mind that an intruder with the violent intentions might to reconsider if he thinks he could be in danger.

Who can use a Robo Dog?

  • Retired people and shut-ins.
  • Anyone who goes away for a long period of time so they can’t care for a pet.
  • People who want personal safety but are allergic to animals.
  • People with small children who don't want an actual vicious pet in the house.
  • Pet lovers with gentle, quiet pets.
  • Renters who cannot have anything louder than a goldfish in their rental home.
  • Anyone who wants to increase their personal safety!

Robo Dog and you.
You can enjoy great peace of mind knowing that a watchful eye is covering your house. You can rest assured, whether you are home or not, that intruders will think twice about entering your house after they hear the vicious animal inside. And what's more, you don't have to clean up after it!

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