Personal Protection Tip

Whether youíre out in the wild or in the city jungle, youíre probably always on the lookout for a personal protection tip. Well, hereís one: Seeing a professional stun gun in your hands will make anyone think twice about attacking you! Criminals know that the energy from the TASER or stun gun will cause their muscles to fail briefly. The voltage zap actually depletes the amount of sugar in the blood by converting it into lactic acid. The attacker becomes unable to create energy and loses control of his body. Cool huh?


Personal Protection Tip: Keep the Duration Short

Itís okay to dry fire a stun gun as often as you like. Just don't hold the trigger down for more than one second at a time. In a personal protection situation, the tip of the prongs quickly immobilize the attacker, but itís okay to hold the trigger down for five seconds or more ó it wonít damage the unit. Just try to keep the duration short, since an application of at least two seconds will cause most people to lose their balance and fall down. And one more personal protection tip when firing a stun gun: Keep fresh batteries in your unit and it will last for dozens, and maybe hundreds, of dry fires.