A Personal Protection Specialist at Your Service


We sell the self-defense weapons that will “shock and drop” your attacker! At Personalarms.com, we are a Personal Protection Specialist selling items such as air TASER®; stun guns; pepper spray; dog and bear repellants; martial arts weapons and knives. We also carry security systems for the home, such as diversion safes; alarms; and camera surveillance units. We are a specialist in personal protection and arms, just as the name of our website indicates.


A Home and Personal Protection Specialist

We sell the most popular brands of stun guns and stun batons are used worldwide by law enforcement agencies and the military to control individuals without the risking serious injury to the attacker or defender. Stun guns are compact, easy to handle, will stun through thick clothing and pose no shock risk back to the user. We carry some of the best stun guns and stun batons made by Z-Force, Talon and even the popular Stun Master units which is perhaps the most popular name brand in the world. If you don’t see an item you’re looking for, give us a call. We want to be your personal protection specialist.