Personal Protection Security Alarms & Cameras


You owe it to yourself to have the best self defense devices available, more so nowadays, since it’s so inexpensive to do so. We sell all types of personal protection security equipment, such as an “electronic barking dog” (and a German Shepherd sounding one at that!) which can be easily mounted in your house or apartment and will activate as an alarms. We also carry TASER stun guns and pepper spray for taking with you in your car or on your bike, and many other safety products.


Personal Protection Security Means Fighting Back

You can feel safer and more secure knowing you are actively in the fight against criminals. Since many burglaries are opportunist crimes, a burglar needs only to spot an open window or an unlocked door to make their move. You can install inexpensive devices, such as window alarms, video cameras that can be hidden in plants and picture frames, a dummy camera in an obvious location, or a multi-station surveillance system to watch every corner of your property. Or how about a motion detection system? When the unit detects an intrusion it begins to record the image of the intruder in its memory (such as a VCR). Browse our site and get more ideas on the type of personal protection security system that would be right for you.