Personal Protection Equipment To Defend Yourself


At we want to be your source for self defense products and personal protection equipment, including items such as hidden cameras, spy cams, nanny cams, bug detectors, and surveillance systems. We also carry a full line of Pepper Spray and dog repellants, as well as batons and TASER stun guns. Law enforcement agencies use these same type of items both on and off duty. And those officers don't take their personal protection equipment decisions lightly.


In fact according to the Police Chiefs Council, 97% of police departments use pepper sprays. Now you can protect yourself by using the same type of personal protection product used by law enforcement! A small can of pepper spray costs only a few dollars, yet can effectively bring down a potential attacker. It utilizes a fog-type distribution pattern that eliminates the need for pinpoint accuracy from a safe range of up 6 to 12 feet. For any type of personal protection product thatís non-lethal and proven effective, check back to our site often for new products, information, and other ideas.