We’ve Got Your Personal Protection Device

A simply touch with a ZForce stun gun will deliver a high voltage, low amperage shock to an attacker. As a personal protection device, a TASER or stun gun is so highly regarded that the weapons are now carried on the belts of law enforcement officers everywhere. The effects on a criminal will include a loss of balance, muscle control, disorientation, and a full recovery will take up to ten minutes, giving you plenty of time to escape. Police use them as a device for their own personal protection, and not just as a way to subdue an individual they are attempting to arrest.


Affordable Personal Protection Device

We carry the top brands of TASER® at the most competitive prices on the Internet. Smart shoppers need to consider the specific application before making their purchase. For example, if you want to be discrete while carrying a stunning weapon, a cell phone stun gun, or perhaps one of the stun flashlights may be what you need. If you are responsible for hiring security guards, why not give them an “extended reach” with one of our stun batons? And for a competitively price, mini stun gun, one that’s small enough to fit in your purse, take a look at our Talon Mini. If you've been searching for an affordable personal protection device, chances are you will likely find what you need right here.