Searching for a Ninja Weapon For Sale ?


Enthusiasts of the martial arts, even casual fans, have been collectors of weaponry for many years. If you’re looking for a ninja weapon for sale, you’ll want to take a look at our online catalog where you’ll find many effective fighting tools to add to your arsenal such as: the heart attack; sling shot; Kubotan; the crossbow pistol, and the most well-known weapon in the ninja’s history — the shuriken Ninja throwing star. At least as far as contemporary movies and TV shows are concerned, nothing triggers thoughts of the ninja assassin as readily as these flying blades of thinly hammered steel.


A Ninja weapon for Sale

These items are not only for self-defense (heart attack and Kubotan), they are highly popular for recreation and target practice (sling shot and crossbow pistol). Our sling shot has a unique design that delivers a range of well up to 200 yards. This inexpensive yet high velocity shooter is made with a light aluminum frame and is fitted with a roomy split leather pouch — perfect for paintball shooting. Personal arms offers many products for different styles and levels of martial artists — or for those with no training at all. Click on the link to find great specials on any Ninja weapon for sale.