Mace defensive spray and your personal safety

Your security and the security of your loved ones is vitally important! When thinking about personal safety, there are many choices available and Mace defensive spray is one of them. Many people are not sure about the differences in personal security products and what their uses might be appropriate for. This guide can briefly help you decide if it is appropriate for your safety needs.

What is mace defensive spray?

Mace defensive spray is a type of pepper spray dispensed under pressure, like from a can. Like the word elevator, Mace is actually a brand name but it has become the word people use as a general term for many defensive products that come in a can, or as a gas, or foam. Unlike tear gas, which is an irritant that can cause stinging, watery eyes, Mace is a defensive pepper spray, which is an inflammatory, causing restricted breathing and a severe burning sensation in the eyes. It is developed from the same substance that makes hot peppers hot. In fact, it’s millions of times hotter than a jalapeno pepper! On the Scoville Hotness Scale (a measurement used to compare the hotness of things like peppers), a jalapeno is 25000 units while Mace defensive spray can be as hot as 2 million units! That’s hot… and you can be sure it’s effective!

When should mace defensive spray be used?

Mace defensive spray is an excellent way to stop a number of different kinds of attacks. You can use it on large crowds or against single attackers, and you can use it to keep animals at bay. It should be used when you want real stopping power since it cannot be washed off with soap and water and it will leave your attacker gasping for breath and less likely to give chase if you run away.

Is it legal?

It is legal in all states, although some states restrict the use or types you can use. Check with local authorities.

Your personal safety

Your personal safety and the safety of your loved ones should be of the highest concern to you. Having access to appropriate personal defense strategies, like mace defensive spray, will help keep you safe from harm.

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