A Home Security Alarm to Scare Away Intruders


Many homeowners have opted to install a home security alarm system thatís monitored by a remote company. But most of the alerts sounded by these companies have been nothing more than false alarms and police are increasing fining homeowners for the costs involved in responding to these calls. Some jurisdictions won't even respond to the call unless the owner also phones to verify a break-in is occurring. This is something to consider before you purchase a monitor package ó but you can still afford a home security alarm system.


New Do-It-Yourself Home Security Alarm Products

Since only a small percent of homes can afford to hire a monitoring service, homeowners are looking to install less expensive electronic home security alarm systems. Take for example a Wireless Alarm that mounts easily near any entry area. This is a passive infrared system that detects motion in any selected area. It's a wireless unit that can be coded with a personal security code and can be set to utilize a two-tone entry chime, instead of the alarm sound. Install it yourself and save. Arm yourself with common sense and a do-it-yourself home security alarm, and you can dramatically decrease the chances of an intruder gaining access to your home.

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