Fake / Simulated Security Camera  


You can own a highly visible security system with an expensive camera … or just look like you do! Simulated Security Cameras can be purchased for a fraction of what a real security system would cost and will give your premises that “watched” look. After all, cameras exist not only to monitor, but to create an impression of monitoring. We offer dummy cams that look like the real thing, right down to a red LED and outbound cables, as if the camera was picking up activity and sending a signal to a remote receiver. Only you will know that your security cameras are simulated.!


Simulated Surveillance Cameras gets results!

The majority of cameras seem designed not to catch true criminals, who can easily spot the cameras and work around them, but to intimidate ordinary people into being on their best behavior. The true purpose of non-covert cams is made obvious by the very fact of their blatancy. Who knows if these cameras are turned on, or if they’re even real? Why spend hundreds of dollars on a system if your true intent is only to modify the conduct of shoppers in your store? Chances are, you’ve been in many stores yourself and thought you were under the watchful eye of security, and you never knew you were being intimated by a Simulated Surveillance Camera!