Fool Shoplifters with a Fake Security Surveillance Camera


Surveillance systems for the home or business can be complicated and expensive for people on a budget, which is why a fake security camera has become so popular. The dummy cam replicates a fully functioning device, right down to the blinking LED which can operate for up to two years on one set of batteries. Itís fully adjustable too, so you can angle it to point directly at a door or driveway, and the unit is guaranteed for life thanks to its weatherproof anodized aluminum housing. This fake security camera unit looks so real that it causes would-be thieves to think you mean business protecting your property.


What more do you need? If youíre not budgeting for a full surveillance system, but like the idea of installing an inexpensive crime-fighting deterrent, than a fake security camera unit is right for you. Of course, it is important to determine your complete security needs before purchase any cam unit, so feel free to explore our site and read in detail about the line of affordable real surveillance cameras that we carry. But if youíre in the market for a dummy cam, take a look and see how realistic-looking our fake security camera is, and decide for yourself what would be the best purchase for your home, store, or business. 

Fake/Dummy Surveillance Cameras