What is an Electronic Dog Repeller?


For many people on the go, dogs can be dangerous animals. They don’t always mean to be, but sometimes they get excited about seeing you cycle past and they give chase, thinking it’s a game. Or maybe they are vicious, territorial animals that growl and bite at anyone who jogs by. No matter what time of day you’re out, dogs can provide a real hassle, or even a real danger. Worse yet, it seems like some owners don’t care about restraining them to keep the public safe. What you need is an electronic dog repeller.


An electronic dog repeller, like the Ultrasonic Dog Chaser, is a humane way to keep dogs at bay. It is a small, hand-held device to carry with you. It’s small enough to be convenient whether you’re on foot or on a bicycle, and yet it’s effective against dogs up to 15 feet away.

How does an Electronic Dog Repeller work?

Animals can hear higher frequencies than humans can and an electronic dog repeller emits a high frequency sound that dogs find annoying and uncomfortable. It does not cause permanent damage, but it lets them know that you mean business!

Who might want an Electronic Dog Repeller?

They are appropriate for people who like to walk or jog or ride their bicycles. People with a fear of dogs will enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with an electronic dog repeller. And because they are humane, they are also good for trainers and animal lovers who want to help train their pet’s behavior.

Whether you want to avoid getting hassled by dogs in the park as you cycle by, or you want to keep that one vicious bulldog from attacking again on your jogging route, consider adding an electronic dog repeller to your personal safety arsenal.

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