What to Look For in the Best Digital Voice Recorder


Professional quality sound and high-level functionality are what separates the best digital voice recorder from the also-rans. You can buy an old micro-cassette tape type recorder for around $50 but the devices are often faulty. The new digitals offers quality-MP3 level audio output, VOR (Voice Operated Recording) function, omni-directional microphones for expert dictation, and high data storage capacity, as well as rapid data transfer capability. And the best digital voice recorder will have a bright and easy display for quick, hassle-free operation.


Introducing Our Best Digital Phone/Room Voice Recorder plus MP3 Player
Record up to 136 hours of phone conversations or let the voice activation record conversations in a room. The recorder is also a FM radio and MP3 player with USB port. Choose from 5 levels of recording quality.


Shop and compare and you’ll see why this is the best digital voice recorder you can find for the price.