Protect Yourself with an Air TASER Stun Gun


Many self defense security products are gaining popularity with the elderly, joggers, travelers, stay-at-home moms and law enforcement officers. One of these is the air TASER stun gun. We sell the TASER X26C . Itís designed to offer the best in air TASER stun gun technology, by overriding the attackerís central nervous system, providing a more reliable takedown power.


How does it work? An air TASER stun gun, upon firing, uses compressed nitrogen which fires two TASER probes up to 15 feet at a speed of 135 fps. Where the probes make contact with the attackerís body, it delivers an electrical signal. Itís not designed to deliver pain; instead, the energy stored in the gun is transferred into the attacker's muscles and places a tremendous demand on them, causing them to shut down for a few minutes. If the probes have been shot and miss the target, the unit can still be used as a stun gun. Our air TASER products all come with additional air cartridges and a training manual.