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Cell Phone Voice Changer

This device combines the safety and convenience of a hands-free cell phone with the ability to disguise your voice. One setting allows you to speak on the phone while using your hands to drive or do other tasks. When using one of the four different voice changer settings, even your closest friends will not be able to recognize your voice. Some settings sound hilarious and are great for practical jokes while others can make anyone's voice sound deep and masculine. Great for fooling your friends or protecting women and children when home by themselves. This device is universal and will work without an adapter on most cell phones (ones with a circular plug for the 2.5 jack). This plug may be attached to the side or top of your phone. Simply plug the jack into your cell phone. Cell phones without this type of plug will require an adapter. Will also work on many home phones and because most land line cordless phones also have a plug in for a hands-free headset, this device will work with them also. Battery included.


Different voice changer settings
Convenience of a hands-free cell phone with the ability
    to disguise your voice

       Cell Phone Voice Changer
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                                  Item # CPVC
                             Our Price $29.95each



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