Butterfly Knife

Sometimes new and modern technologies have given us tools to help us have the peace of mind that comes with increased safety. Other times, the techniques of the old world are simply too good to improve upon. The butterfly knife has been around for at least a hundred years, probably longer. While computers and technology have gotten better, the butterfly knife as generally stayed the same.

Is this knife a good self-defense option for today?

It's true, modern advancements have improved upon the butterfly knife, making it a lethal modern self-defense tool: it has gone from being at rusty steel blade in a broken animal horn to being a strong, stainless steel blade in a comfortable grip. The blades are available in serrated or straight edged.

But the principle is the same: in the hands of a well practiced owner, it can open at lightning speed with the flick of a wrist and turn a brave attacker into one who cannot run away fast enough.

The butterfly knife can turn the tide of an attack

When you find yourself face-to-face with an attacker don't be unprepared! You have worked too hard for your money and dignity to be taken away. An attack can happen in an instant, and if you're prepared, so can opening your butterfly knife!

High Quality Yet Inexpensive Butterfly Knives Made With- 440 Stainless Steel Blades

How do I choose the right butterfly knife for myself?

When choosing a butterfly knife you should know that not all are made the same: you want to get one that has a strong blade that stays sharp. It needs to feel light in your hand while it is open and should be comfortable to carry when it's closed.

Different states have varying laws concerning the carrying and usage of these knives. Check with your local authorities since in some states, like Nevada, it is illegal to carry one.