Introduction To Blowguns

Blowguns are an ancient weapon, used for hunting and warfare. Modern warfare has not rendered them obsolete, though, since enthusiasts continue to enjoy blowguns for target practice and hunting. These fascinating weapons are a great addition to your arsenal, whether you are a serious game hunter or a novice looking for a new pastime

How do they work?

Blowguns are scientifically crafted for precision, accuracy, velocity, and ease of use. It’s not just a tube! They can be used with paintballs for target shooting or darts for target shooting or hunting. Quality shafts can be made from aircraft aluminum and a variety of sizes are available, including 18 inches and up. A general rule of thumb is, the longer the tube, the greater the velocity and distance. For example, a 72 inch model may shoot at 350 feet per second at a range of 200 feet. That means you can penetrate quarter-inch thick plywood with your shot!

How do I use a blowgun?

At first, that might seem like a silly question. Just blow. However, more care is needed to achieve success in the hobby.

  1. Make sure you are in a safe place, away from other people.
  2. Load your weapon carefully, with it pointing up, and lower it toward your target.
  3. Effectively aim a blowgun by keeping both eyes open. Not by closing one eye!
  4. Use brightly colored darts to help you see your shot, and find your dart if you missed the target!

When you follow these tips, you will find greater enjoyment in using blowguns.

What kind of accessories can I get for my blowguns?

Blowguns have accessories that come with them or that can be bought separately, including ammunition like paintballs and darts. Of course, you’ll want a target. Auto-reloaders are also available, which can be attached to the mouthpiece and can release another paintball into the shaft when you press a button.

When used carefully and correctly, blowguns can provide an enjoyable target shooting pastime for the hobbyist and a great way to enhance your next hunting trip.


18 in. $7.99

24 in. $9.99

36 in. $11.99

48 in. 14.99

60 in 18.99

72 in. $20.99

Each Blowgun comes with 10 Target and Hunting Darts    1 Mouthpieces     1 Foam grip   Two Dart Quivers

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