Cheap Blowguns

I’d like to buy cheap blowguns but I don’t know where to start

Looking for an enjoyable hobby and an effective hunting weapon, but at a reasonable price? Cheap blowguns might be a good option. Blowguns can be a lot of fun but they don’t have to be expensive and a cheap one can be just as practical.

How effective are cheap blowguns?

They can be just as effective as their more expensive versions. They are made out of aircraft aluminum and are specially designed for accuracy, range, and velocity. In fact, a 72 inch model can penetrate quarter-inch thick plywood from 200 feet. And they can hit an animal at a velocity of 350 feet. Neither target will care how affordable it was. And neither will you, since they are just as effective.

What models are available if I want to buy one?

Blowguns are available for as cheap as $7.99 for an 18 inch model right up to $20.99 for a 72 inch model. So while you’re putting darts in your target, you’re also putting dollars in back your pocket.

People buy cheap blowguns for many reasons. Sometimes they are looking to add this popular weapon to a collection. Other times they are looking to enhance a hunting trip. Still others want to pick up an enjoyable target-shooting hobby but don’t want the cost or hassle of gun ownership. No matter what your reason, consider these affordable ideas as an option for your next hobby or hunting trip.  Blowguns