I’m looking for blowguns for sale

We have a wide variety of blowguns for sale to cover a wide variety of interests. But before buying, we want you to be well informed. Please take a moment to look at this information page to help decide which one might be appropriate for your needs and interests. After all, we may offer blowguns to customers, but what’s really for sale is an enjoyable hobby if you choose the right one.


What kind of blowguns are for sale here?

We sell a variety of models for a variety of uses. They range from 18 inches to 72 inches in length and the longer they are, the faster the shot goes and the farther it goes. Our longest one, for example, will shoot at 350 feet per second in a range of 200 feet. So city dwellers who own this one need to be very careful if they are target shooting in the backyard!


What are blowguns made of?

The blowguns for sale here are made of aircraft aluminum. They are designed to provide a combination of great velocity and great range. They come with a foam grip for your comfort.

What accessories are for sale here?

We also offer darts, paintballs, and a great paintball auto-reloader that will load a paintball into the shaft at the touch of a button! It’s quick, convenient, and a lot of fun. This isn’t the hollow bamboo tube your ancestors used to hunt game for the winter! These are highly enjoyable, highly accessorized hobby and hunting weapons.

How do I know which one to get?

That decision is ultimately up to you. If price is an issue, consider that the blowguns for sale here range in price from $5.99 to $16.99. If it is velocity or range you’re after, determine what you might need and check out this link that lists the velocity and range of each size.

Blowguns are a great pastime and the ones for sale here can provide an enjoyable target shooting weapon or an effective hunting weapon.