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Sticky Target For AirSoft BB GunsClick through the pages on our website to see our complete like of airgun products, including pistols, sniper rifles, submachine guns and shotguns in our Airsoft store. We offer a good selection of just about any type of recreational weapon you’re looking for; just follow the link to see the different models. Whether you play paintball or like to target practice with BBs (or dabble in a little of both), you’ll find some of our best sellers black airsoft gun

for sale on this site. The Airsoft models continue to mature in their development, and this commitment to excellence continues to draw repeat buyers to our Airsoft store for replica guns that can fire BBs at high velocity and with great accuracy.


Airsoft BB Gun TargetFor example our store has a Silver Airsoft BB gun pistol (Product ID: J31031) that is a well-detailed replica with all the proper markings and unique characteristics of the real weapon it’s modeled after: the Walther P-99. It uses 0.12 BBs, Metallic BBs or Paintballs (each gun purchase comes with a starter supply) and these models must be manually cocked prior to each shot. Simple to use and very reliable, we’re sure you’ll get hours of fun with any rifle or pistol from our online Airsoft store.


Do Not Remove the (1/4 inch) orange tip of the barrel. It is required by U.S. law

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