Airsoft Spring Gun

All our “soft-air” BB Guns are from the world’s leading manufacturers and are made to meet your standards in an Airsoft spring gun.  These are excellent entry level hobby guns for the collector and war gamer, who desire to own and collect replicas of the world's most famous firearms, including the Beretta, the Browning automatic, and many others. Pick up any model in our AirSoft Spring gun line and you’ll see that it is true to scale and easy to operate.


The Firepower Lightning Black (Product ID: J31110) Airsoft BB pistol is stylized for easy handling and the comfortable feel in your hands is magnificent. There is a striking attention to detail in this Airsoft spring gun replica, right down to its smooth, ergonomic grip. Manually cocked after each shot, it fires 6mm Airsoft plastic BBs or 6mm paintballs at over 240 feet per second; with an accuracy at about 90 feet and has range of 240 feet. With the look and feel of the real thing, an Airsoft Spring gun will meet your standards for a recreational hobby airgun. Plus, we give you a price that is sure to beat any other.


Do Not Remove the (1/4 inch) orange tip of the barrel. It is required by U.S. law

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