Airsoft Sniper Rifle

For a ton of fun and a look that just says cool, a new Airsoft sniper rifle will make a great addition to your recreational gun collection. Great weight, feel, and shooting range. When loaded with plastic BBs or paintballs, the high-end precision bolt-action Airsoft Sniper Rifle employs  manual cycling in order to drive its heavy springs, which in turn, produces a higher muzzle velocity than is seen in lighter pistols.


Take for example, our popular Uzi Airsoft Machine Gun (product ID: J230), a best-selling Sniper Rifle. This popular high-quality spring model features a retractable metal stock, detachable silencer/extension and a 25-round clip. Its an extremely cool-looking sniper gun thats easy to fire - and quite rare! It fires BBs 300 fps and is ready to load again and again with an easy slide cocking mechanism. With stock closed and silencer removed the Airsoft Sniper Rifle measures only 10 1/4" long and fully extended with silencer attached, it measures 27 1/4" long.


Do Not Remove the (1/4 inch) orange tip of the barrel. It is required by U.S. law

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